Here’s to my Nana,

who taught me how to knit when I was 7.

 In 2006, using the pattern she used to wrap the clans noggins I began doing the same, albeit pretty questionably. The first few generations of Hatties were oddities, bizarre and muddled woollens with dropped stitches and extended limbs. My friends loved them anyway, and Hatties became the accessory du jour for wintery escapades making appearances at bonfire nights, Christmas markets and never missing a late night beach BBQ – even at summer festivals, because lets face it, this is Great Britain.

Year on year the knitting list has grown, along with the kinfolk. Come September when winter coats were bought, Hattie regulars were already planning their colour combinations for this years Hattie.

I have improved the Hattie over the years but I haven’t (and won’t) stray too far from the original hat design that my Nana used. Hattie’s are not perfect. They are handmade and they look it.

Hatties made by Beccy, courtesy of Nana.